Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013

Category B Photo story:3rd place

Woodoo Night

Simone Stefanelli



I am very happy to receive an award at the Nikon photo contest, one of the world's most famous competitions and have selected photos of nearly 100,000 images received. It gives me great satisfaction, this award is one more reason to continue to make the beautiful craft of the photographer. thanks

The photographs in this article have been made in Ouidah called the magical city, and the world capital of Voodoo, a city that might be called the Jerusalem of Africa. Here live peacefully all the major world religions, but that is the Voodoo, which attracts thousands of people every January 10th to celebrate the world's most important Voodoo Festival. The secret voodoo is not accessible to everyone and you have to know the right people to gain access to these magical rites.