Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013

Category B Photo story:3rd place

Medellin vendors

Jonathan Carvajal



Nikon Photo Contest is one of the most important world's important photographic contests, is open to amateurs and professionals and I think is a fair competition. I knew this contest when I was 17 years old and I looked like imposible to achieve something, today im a winner so im so grateful with Nikon for this award.

I spent 1 year working on this serie in Medellin, Colombia; sometimes I just walked in the city without any direction, looking forward to rediscovered new urban landscapes. I found amazing stories of the ordinary life in a wondeful places, most of them were bigger inside than I thought (for example the wheels picture was created 50 years ago and has more than 35.000 used wheels) the shooting situation was quite difficult due the effort of lighting and the little spaces, and a couple of times I had to comeback to repeat some pictures.