Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category B Theme “HOME”, photo story:
3rd place

My dearest grandpa




I recently visited my grandpa. "Who are you?" was his first reaction. Then something I didn't expect happened. When I told my name, he said "I didn't realize you as you are so tall now, compared with a decade ago." What?!, I thought, because he recalled my name and memory of my childhood. He will soon leave his home for nursing home. I was so honored to be able to take my grandpa's photos at the home where he has grown up.
All photos were taken in or around my grandpa's home. My grandpa's lovely smiling; my grandpa who suddenly began cleaning his home as he was cleaning his teeth; my grandpa bringing his old camera (without films inside) to show it to me as I had my camera all the time; my grandpa picking up the wood and posing in front of his home; and my grandpa and my mom after cleaning a grave of his wife (my grandma), showing me his strong back. All are the forms of true love., I believe.