Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013

Category B Photo story:3rd place






I would like to be a photographer on inner world explorations rather than a photographer on earth surface. I have soft, sentimental, sensitive and gentle qualities in my character and different way of thinking and unique ideas. I resist vulgarity. I want to capture and record cultural vicissitudes and explore inner feelings. I focus on context, imagery and thoughts of my works. As an artist, we need to present what our times is in our works and pass on our thinking on life and spirituality to our society.


+PS In fast-changing modern cities, we’re losing our abilities to ""slow down” and “get quiet”. We’re losing our ability to think independently. In an era of fast development, we're changing we look like. We’re not simple any more. If you have lost your simple way of life, you can never feel the simple joys of life. Just like when you have lost your pure thinking, you can never find it any where else. We have got bored of fashion trends and materialist prides. We need to get ourselves detached from possessions.